Our mission

clientImagine a place where every woman in transition can obtain the confidence she needs in order to achieve the next level of gainful employment.

That place is Career Wardrobe.

Career Wardrobe’s mission is to empower women in transition by providing programs that inspire the confidence necessary to achieve self-sufficiency and pursue a productive career. We do this by providing professional work attire, educational programs, and networking tools and opportunities.

Career Wardrobe also owns and operates The Wardrobe Boutique, which sells recycled clothing to benefit our programs and services. Located at the corner of 19th St. and Spring Garden St. in Philadelphia, The Wardrobe Boutique offers everything from formal to casual clothing at discounted prices. Donations that are not suitable for Career Wardrobe’s programs are sold at The Wardrobe Boutique to women, including former clients who are now working.

Programs That Improve Job Preparedness

2014Stats-smCareer Wardrobe strives to break the cycle of poverty by providing support that encourages employment and personal responsibility.

20% of women referred for dressing services go on to voluntarily take advantage of Career Wardrobe’s educational programming.

In 2014, 67% of women responding to our follow-up surveys within 6 months of their appointments reported gaining employment and discontinuing their reliance on cash assistance. The impact on our economy cannot be understated as it is a $19 million savings for taxpayers in public assistance for benefits alone.

  • 91% of our educational clients report being more prepared for their job search and more confident in their abilities
  • 90% of clients feel an increase in confidence and professionalism
  • 50% of our educational clients have a larger employment rate and they are 16% more likely to be employed in a job classified above entry level

Strategic Scalability

Career Wardrobe recognizes that everyone may need help at some point in their working lives, and we endeavor to expand and open our programming to meet the needs of all of our community. With these goals in mind, we approved a three-year Strategic Plan initiative that focuses on:

  • Scaling programs and increasing our impact
  • Diversifying our clients and responding to a growing demand
  • Maximizing revenue and revenue diversification

classClients who complete our full Gateway to Success Job Readiness Course and take part in our Blitz Basics Job Readiness Workshop are eligible to receive our Professional Development Certificate which commemorates our clients dedication to personal growth and achievement. These programs are offered as a fee-for-service programming to provide specific skills employees need to move forward.

We aim to expand our reach to women throughout Philadelphia in need of our services, but not affiliated with our traditional programs. These women are coming back to a workforce after incarceration, rehabilitation, or sometimes, raising children. Our “Pay What You Can” model will help to open our doors to these women, regardless of their economic status.

Career Wardrobe opened our doors to men with Make It Work for Men, providing business shirts, coordinating belts and stylish ties to present a professional work and positive first impression. In 2015, we began piloting this program with six partners and, based on the results, we will work to secure funding for this new service.